I am well versed in many styles from simple and bold designs to very intricate and fine detail. No tattoo is too big or too small.  It gives me great joy to be able to take my clients’ ideas and translate them into tattoo-able images. My goal is to create bold, long-lasting tattoos that will continue to look good for a lifetime.  Many of the emerging trends in this industry look incredible when first applied, but unfortunately, do not age well. Not every style of tattoo is going to be a viable option for longevity, so my approach focuses on techniques that I feel confident will maintain clarity. Many of the technical aspects of tattooing are ever-changing thanks to advancements in pigments and machine technology. Although, at the root of the art-form, there are some basic rules that remain unaffected.

My portfolio reflects my personal preference of the styles I enjoy tattooing. If you like my work, please feel free to contact me ( I am currently working out of Golden Age Tattoo in Austin, TX.  If you would like to see more of what I do, my Instagram handle is “darrylhanna”.  Thank you for looking. -Darryl


For large work, pricing is hourly $125/hr.
For small work, pricing depends on size/placement/complexity.

Currently I am booked out several weeks, but I try to accommodate my clients the best I can. Lately, I have been leaving more openings in my schedule to accommodate walk-ins and consultations.

To set appointments: I require a 40-60$ deposit which can be Cash(in person) or PayPal(below). It will contribute toward the total cost of the tattoo, during the final session, unless appointment is cancelled short notice.

If you would like to leave a deposit to expedite booking please fill out the form, and then follow the Paypal link to send booking deposit. If you are just inquiring about a tattoo proposal, feel free to send form without deposit first.

My email is Please include size placement, budget, and any reference photos you may have.

Additional info or comments


Tattoo Care


Tattoos are much like an open wound, and should be cared for as such.  With this type of trauma to the skin, I recommend a specific method to help heal quickly while also preserving the clarity of your new tattoo.


1. Remove wrap (keep on for at least 1 hour after tattoo).
2. Wash with warm water and antibacterial* soap, rinse, press dry, air-dry 30 minutes.Repeat this at least twice a day until healed.
3. Use ointment* OR re-wrap tattoo with fresh plastic wrap and tape as needed.  (only re-wrap in very dirty environments or in prolonged direct contact with fabric or clothing) Ointment will act as an interface with clothing but has obvious limitations.
4. Use ointment during first 3 days, when skin becomes dry, switch to moisturizer* until fully healed.


*antibacterial soap with no scent, such as Dial or Softsoap

*ointment such as Aquaphor or A&D (use sparingly)
—be aware that A&D contains Lanolin, a dirivative of wool, which can cause allergic reaction if you are allergic to wool.

*moisturizers that are unscented, such as Lubriderm


Be aware: Moisture rash can occur due to too much time under plastic wrap or not changing wrap often enough.  As your tattoo leaks more fluid, change wrap more frequently. Due to the lack of evaporation, keep the area very clean and dry.



  1. Don’t expose tattoo to potentially dirty environments
  2. Don’t rub dry or scratch your new tattoo
  3. Don’t swim, tan or soak in the bath
  4. Don’t pick at your peeling tattoo, let it heal naturally
  5. Don’t pull clothing or sheets from tattoo, wet and remove slowly
  6. Don’t disregard these warnings


Common symptoms of infection:

  1. Bright red irritation
  2. Tiny pimples around tattooed area
  3. Increasing pain/throbbing
  4. Bubbling of the tattoo
  5. Excessive scabbing or cracking


Plasma and ink seeping from new tattoos is common and a part of the natural healing process.


Please take a week of close care and ensure your tattoo looks and feels good for the rest of your life.