Things you will need:

Mild soap, Ointment, Lotion

My Top Picks : Dial, Aquaphor, Aveeno

Several hours after completion, wash tattoo with mild, antibacterial soap, dry with clean paper towel, then air dry.


Apply Aquaphor for comfort, as needed. Use sparingly and reapply when skin is too dry. Please do not cover ointment with any type of wrap or bandage.


Continue to clean your tattoo morning and night or anytime you think it contacted a dirty environment.


After three days of Aquaphor treatment, switch the ointment for a moisturizing lotion. This will coincide with your skin feeling very itchy and starting to peel and flake.


Continue Lotion until Tattoo is fully healed. Sometimes it can take several weeks for all of the skin to fully heal. It is a great idea to use lotion everyday to keep your tattoos looking great.


At this point, you should be fully healed, and you may use any sunscreen, essential oil, scented lotions that you would like to reintroduce.



Avoid soaking in water (natural and chlorinated)

Avoid contact with sweat, public surfaces, pets...


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